The "Good Cocktails" Poster

This one is shameless self-promotion. I made a new poster and I’d like you to buy it.

My wife and I recently started the long process of making our main living space more to our liking. It isn’t really a remodel as all of the bones of the space are staying in place. Instead it is a “refresh.” New paint on the walls. Removing carpet and replacing it with a nicer flooring option. Getting rid of old cabinets that didn’t fit how we live. Stuff like that. Not minor, but not ripping out walls either.

One of the things we added to our kitchen and dining room area is a cocktail station. it is a small rolling cart/cabinet that holds all of our cocktail fixings inside and our utensils on top. It has been super helpful. It replaced a large pantry-style cabinet. That damn thing had to go. It closed off our small kitchen, making it feel even smaller and yet wasn’t really set up to hold all of the small appliances that you would want in your kitchen yet wouldn’t fit. Plus it was really ugly.

So we removed it, gave it to one of my relatives and installed something that was more in line with our tastes and needs. Everything was great until my wife mentioned that the wall above the new cocktail station looked pretty empty now that there wasn’t a large cabinet there. She also mentioned that it would be nice to have some way of displaying all of the cocktails that we liked to drink. So, being the loving husband that I am, I tapped into my non-bourbon talents and designed her a poster that contained the recipes for all of our favorite cocktails.

It turned out really great and since I went through all the effort of making it for her, I thought that maybe some of you would like it as well. To that end, it is now for sale on the BourbonGuyGifts store. This is a bit of a self-serving testimonial but this poster has truly been a life changing experience for me. Now instead of me making all the cocktails, my wife makes them for me!

I’m not saying that if you buy this poster that all of a sudden someone else will be making your cocktails for you, but I’m not saying that it won’t happen either. I’d love for you to buy my poster. It has a bunch of my favorite cocktails that I’d love to share with you and it’ll boost my self-esteem and help support

Plus as an added bonus, until September 13th you can get 10% off any order over $20 by using the code BOURBON10 at checkout. And if you don’t like the cocktail poster, I also have a poster featuring the original Bottled in Bond Act, a tasting journal, and more. accepts no advertising. It is solely supported by the sale of the hand-made products and bourbon-related craft supplies I sell at the BourbonGuy Gifts store. If you'd like to support, visit And hey, if you are an iOS user, look for Bourbon Guy in Apple News. Thanks!