Statement of Ethics

This is document will be kept up to date. Things will be added to as things come up. Edits will be made if circumstances change.

  1. advocates responsible drinking. Comments that promote behavior that is contrary to this philosophy will not be approved.

  2. I will not allow a comment that disparages women, men, minority groups, or homosexuals (or anyone else for that matter). I will not allow xenophobic or racist comments on the site.

  3. I will not review or endorse brands where I find that there are credible accusations of homophobia, xenophobia, racism, misogyny, other repugnant behavior, or ideals not in line with my own by the company, its officers, or spokespersons. If accusations come to light after reviews have been published, those reviews may be altered, amended, or removed from the site at my discretion. If alterations or amendments occur, that will be noted at the beginning of the article.

  4. In order to avoid comment spam, I will not approve comments that include a link to a different site or email address.

  5. I do not accept advertising or paid posts/content.

  6. I try to purchase much of what I review, but will accept review samples.

  7. When a review sample is accepted, I will disclose it at the beginning of the article.

  8. Beyond the sample policy above, I do not accept trips, gifts, or other compensation in return for posts or reviews.

  9. When I visit a distillery or whiskey event, I usually pay for my ticket and take the same tours everyone else can. In instances where this not the case, such as a Media Event or a “Sneak Peak,” I will disclose that fact at the beginning of the article. This does not mean I won't set up a private tour/visit if the distillery agrees and it will make a good article.

  10. There are spirits industry people who I consider friends. If I ever review one of their products, I will disclose that fact at the beginning of the article.

  11. Though I try very hard to get my facts straight, errors happen. If I make a factual error in an article, I will happily update it if notified and will make note of the change at the end of the article.

  12. In return for the above, I ask that you respect the license that the reviews/posts/images were released under. I release all works on this site under a creative commons license unless otherwise noted. This means you are basically free to do whatever you want with them provided you do two things: use it for non-commercial purposes and give credit back to the site/leave on the watermark. Commercial uses are anything that make money such as a blog that accepts advertising or a presentation that people pay to attend, etc. If you want to use it for purposes outside the license, just send me an email and we'll work something out. To view a copy of this license, visit

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