Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, Batch B519

I’d like to thank Heaven Hill for providing this review sample to me with no strings attached.

I’m not a “socks” person. I just really hate socks. I hate how they cling to my feet. I hate how they make my foot feel warm and damp. In fact, the only thing that I like about socks is the amazing feeling you get when you take them off and your feet can breathe.

Because of my aversion to socks, I’m barefoot most of the time. Even in winter, I don’t bother to put on socks or shoes if I’ll be outside for less than a couple minutes. I had a young boy ask his dad why I was barefoot once when I got the mail in January. In fact, I wear socks so seldom that when I actually do dig a pair out of my dresser, the dogs go nuts. They know that there is a really good chance that they are about to get a walk.

So, lucky for me, no one has ever gotten me socks for Father’s Day. A tie either for that matter. I usually get bourbon instead. Well, let me amend that. I’ve never received socks for Father’s Day until Heaven Hill sent a pair of Father’s Day socks along as part of their most recent media kit.

It’s been less than three months since I last reviewed a batch of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. I always really like them so I probably wouldn’t have reviewed it again so soon. Except that they included those darn socks. I like running giveaways and since they were kind enough to include them, I figured it would be fun to pass them along to one of you.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, Batch B519

Purchase Info: This was graciously provided by Heaven Hill for review purposes.

Details: 61.1% ABV. 12 year age statement.

Nose: Brown sugar, cinnamon, oak and a general nuttiness.

Mouth: Sweet and warm. Cinnamon leads the way on this one with cocoa and vanilla following on its heels. Underneath is a repeat of that nuttiness from the nose.

Finish: Warm and sweet. Lingering cinnamon, cocoa, toffee and a touch of mint.


Thoughts: As expected, this a very delicious bourbon. If I recall correctly, this is sweeter than A119. I’m really liking the cocoa notes and how they play with the very prominent cinnamon.

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