Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye

It sometimes seems that, as people, we spend our whole life being too young. 

For the first quarter century of your life it seems you are constantly being told you are too young. Too young to hang out with your older siblings, too young to stay up late, too young to drive, too young to vote, too young to drink, too young to have discounts on car insurance.

But then, all of a sudden you wake up one day to realize that other people are no longer telling you that you are too young. You still hear it, but now it’s coming out of your own mouth. I’m too young for this pain, I’m too young to be this sore, I’m too young to repeat myself this much, I’m too young for my kid to be old enough to do this, I’m too young to have pop stars from my youth die (RIP Prince).

A few years ago it was announced that Jack Daniel’s was going to start distilling rye whiskey. As a tease, they released bottles of unaged distillate, which was obviously too young. A few years passed and they put out the “rested” rye. Not fully aged, but getting older, getting closer to being old enough. Finally early this year, it was old enough to be released as an actual product and we got Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye. Unlike me, it is no longer too young. 

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye

Purchase Info: $64.99 for 750 mL bottle at Ace Sprits, Hopkins, MN

Details: Barrel #: 16-0838, Bottled on 2/2/16, Rick #: L-3. 47% ABV

Nose: There is a good hit of alcohol right off the bat, but after letting that settle for a bit I get rye notes of spearmint and grass, brown sugar, caramel and oak.

Mouth: Drying with lots of mint and spice

Finish: This has a nice long, warm finish with lingering rye spice notes

A Heart becasue I'm in love.

Thoughts: This is a delicious rye. As I write this, my bottle isn’t even half gone (though it's much more than half gone as I post this) and I’m already planning to grab another. Jack Daniel’s doesn’t get a lot of love from whiskey geeks but this could very possibly start to change that. Delicious.

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