Traveling to Canada

It's National Bourbon Heritage Month in the United States and I'm about to go traveling. Can you guess where?  

That's right! Canada.

Wait...what? ...checks script... Yep, it says Canada all right.  

"But Eric," I hear you saying to me, "why Canada? Why not someplace like Kentucky? I mean, BourbonFest is next week?"

And you're right, BourbonFest is next week. And BourbonFest is great. If you haven't gone, I highly suggest you go. In fact, if you can't go this year, I will meet you there in 2014 as I am going for certain.

But this year I'm visiting Toronto. A city I have never been to in a country I have never been to. And I'm going solely for one reason: whisky (no e in Canada). You might remember that last May, I participated in the #DavinTT Twitter Tasting. It was my first positive exposure to Canadian Whisky and when my wife offered me the chance to tag along as she took her mother to Niagara Falls, I jumped at the chance to see what other delights those pesky Canadians were keeping to themselves. (I picture a whisky paradise where streams and rivers running golden with perfectly aged, and oh so tasty, whisky.) I have plans to drink whisky, shop for whisky, meet with some whisky enthusiasts, and be driven around by my mother-in-law.

So while all the cool kids are having fun next week in Bardstown with their Bourbon and their Fest, I'll be home, watching the blogs and the twitter, not even wishing I was there with them. Because I'll be in my office, swirling a glass of tasty Canadian Whisky, briefly plotting to take over the world (like all good citizens of the United States) before succumbing to the tasty delights of Canada and no longer caring about such things as plots or worlds.