Mint Julep Season

My wife tells me that it is Mint Julep Season. And while I prefer my Mint Julep to hold both the mint and the julep, it is one on my wife's favorite bourbon drinks. Because of this, I've fine-tuned one exactly to her tastes. It uses Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Wild Turkey American Honey, honey, mint and crushed ice. 

I am aware that this isn't the traditional version, but if you don't mind a little self-congratulation, it's pretty dang good. 

Mint Julep à la Eric

Here is what you will need:
12 Mint Leaves (young, fresh ones work better)
1 Mint Sprig
2 oz Wild Turkey Rare Breed
1 oz Wild Turkey American Honey
1 oz honey (I prefer Tupelo Honey from Savannah Bee Company)
Crushed Ice
Metal Julep Cup

Here is how I make one:
Prep work: 

  • Rinse off/wash your mint. Don't rub too hard.
  • Thoroughly mix an ounce of American Honey with an ounce of honey. 
  • Measure out your bourbon. 
  • Crush your ice (might want to store this in the freezer until ready to use)
  • Set everything aside until ready to build. 

Build your drink:

  • Lightly rub your mint leaves and maybe give them a quick spanking. Drop them in the bottom of the julep cup. (I don't muddle since I don't want bitter flavors.)
  • Pack your cup with crushed ice
  • Pour the Wild Turkey Rare Breed over the ice
  • Pour the Honey/American Honey over the ice
  • Spank your mint sprig and shove in the top
  • Put a (short) straw right next to the mint sprig so your nose lands in it when you drink.

So you don't have Wild Turkey Rare Breed? Go ahead and substitute your favorite high proof/high flavor bourbon. I've even used a 17 year old Four Roses Single Barrel once (like yesterday)…

Don't judge. My wife was ecstatic. This is a good thing.