New Stash Additions-no reviews

Just got back from a week in Kentucky, culminated by the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. I won't be talking about that. There will be a bunch of posts about that. About distillery tours and new bourbons...

Wait. I bought a bunch of new bourbons. That means I need to add them to the Stash. There will be tasting notes and talk about each in time. But until then here they are, each is either not available in Minnesota (or not carried near me), or has a special reason for me buying it: 

Ancient Ancient Age 10 year
Very Old Barton 86 proof
Very Old Barton 100 proof
1792 Ridgemont Reserve (selected by Liquor Barn)
Bowman Brothers Small Batch
Four Roses 2012 Limited Edition Small Batch  
Four Roses Single Barrel OBSV (17 year)
Four Roses Single Barrel OBSK (13 year)
Evan Williams 1783
Rittenhouse Rye 100 proof
Old Pogue Master's Select
Willet Family Estate Single Barrel Rye 5 year
Maker's Mark (Hand dipped by my wife) 

I'm excited to get all of these. The 1792 that was hand-selected by Liquor Barn is (according to our tour guide) as close to a 1792 Single Barrel as you'll get so I need to buy a regular one to taste against. I think I want to buy an Old Fitzgerald to taste against the Larceny. I'll also need to get a Evan Williams Black to compare with the 1783 that I'd never had before. What's this mean for you...head to head reviews! I love reading them so I'm planning at least 7 different head to heads in the coming months with these new ones acting as the basis. I'm excited and hope you'll be on the look out for them.