New Stash Addition: Redbreast 12 Year

I know, this isn't bourbon. It isn't even American. But fear not, I don't turn my back on my patriotic duty to drink as much bourbon as possible. I just turned the other way when I walked into Blue Max tonight. Turn left you find Bourbon, Rye and Canadian Whisk(e)y. Turn right and it it Scotch and Irish. I decided on a whim to turn right. And honestly, I didn't recognize anything on the shelf for the Scotch. I'll need guidance there. But I went just a little further and I noticed the Redbreast 12. It wasn't terribly expensive at $38 and some change. So after going and looking at the American whiskies, I talked to the wife and we decided to broaden our horizens a bit. After hearing all the advertising they do on WhiskyCast, I decided to go with the Redbreast. I've heard decent reviews so, we'll see.

 I've yet to crack it open. But as a designer, I love the quality of the packaging. Both embossed and debossed. Both on the same sheet. That's some spendy fininshing on that box. Hopefully what's inside lives up to the money they spent on it.

Initial reaction: very tasty, more to come.