An End of 2012 Updating of the Stash

As I was cataloging my whiskey collection...

That's not weird right? I've found that I tend to catalog things in the stage where I have more than I can keep track of just by looking, but not so many that I'd need a database to keep track of it. I used to catalog my library of music...too big now. I used to catalog my library of books...too big now. So now because I feel a deep seated need to keep track of things and unlike books or music, stuff actually leaves this collection, whiskey is the perfect outlet. Anyway as I was saying:

I was cataloging my whiskey collection and noticed that I hadn't updated my stash in a while. Things have been added that I hadn't noted and others have left. This can't stand. However will random strangers know what types of whiskey I might be drinking at any given moment if I don't keep this list up to date?

Because there are random strangers who wonder this, aren't there? Say yes! Say YES!

ahem...excuse me

Since the last time I updated this, I've lost a few friends. Most have been mentioned here. 

Wild Turkey Rare Breed, this one will be coming back. It's one of our favorites.
Parker's Heritage Collection, Barrel Finished, I want this one to come back, but doubt it will due to limited availability.
Corner Creek Reserve, this one was taking up space. I'm kinda glad it's gone. 

But don't be too sad, I've also gained a few friends as well.

Col. E. H. Taylor Rye was a gift from my wife and is sitting in the bunker waiting for shelf space.
Four Roses Small Batch was a gift from my daughter's boyfriend (trying to get on my good side)
1792 Ridgemont Reserve was bought to compare to the Liquor Barn Private Selection. Bunkered.
Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond was bought to compare to both the 12 year Very Special Old Fitz. and the Larceny.
MB Roland White Dog was a gift from two very good friends
Old Grand Dad 114 proof was bought because it is extremely tasty. Bunkered.
Breckenridge Bourbon and Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey are both in the bunker waiting for shelf space after a recent trip to Colorado. 

So there you have it. I'm up to about 47 bottles with one duplicate. As you can see some of these are very similar. If you are perceptive you might pick up on some plans for 2013 in the list. At least as soon as I kick this cold and can taste things again...