WIN a signed copy of "Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, And Rebirth of an American Whiskey" by Fred Minnick

Posted on by Eric Burke

Last night I attended a fun event at a local independent bookstore. Magers & Quinn Booksellers was hosting Fred Minnick for a presentation on his most recent book Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, And Rebirth of an American Whiskey. I'd already purchased my copy of the book obviously, but Fred is my friend and I like to see him every opportunity that I can.

During the presentation, Fred talked about the book, gave a brief history of bourbon and answered questions from the audience. It was a nice night. I met a couple of new friends during the event and chatted with a couple of old friends. And then, overcome with the desire to support both my friend and a local, independent bookstore, I purchased another copy of Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, And Rebirth of an American Whiskey. I had Fred sign the book because I thought it might be a nice thing to give away to a lucky reader. So that's what I'm doing. 

You can enter the giveaway using the form below. There will be one winner chosen. All I’m asking in return is that you answer a simple question. The answer will help inform future blog posts. You can also get bonus entries through the form by following me on twitter or visiting the BourbonGuy Gifts facebook page (every view, like or share helps support the blog).   

And Good Luck! You have until Tuesday, February* 7th to enter (you need to "log-in" so I can receive your email address to notify you if you win). 

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*Originally I forgot what month I was in. This bit of text originally said January and has been corrected to February. -Eric