B.S. Story's Old-Time Fancy Bourbon

Posted on by Eric Burke

If there is one thing that today's bourbon-maker has learned from previous generations, it's how to tell a story. Fanciful stories are not new, but they are getting pretty fun considering anyone that cares to look can do so and find out most of them are complete BS. But they keep doing it because most people don't care to look. They react and repeat gleefully the line they've been sold. 

  • Is your bourbon made using the same fine ingredients as someone’s grandfather’s bourbon recipe? You’re still using grain, yeast and water. That’s so cool.
  • Is your bourbon following the time honored methods of aging? Nice. Still using barrels. Good for you.
  • Is your bourbon aged gracefully for more years than your company has been in business, yet still made specifically to your recipe? That’s fantastic.
  • Is your new bourbon brand inexplicably priced about $50 dollars higher than a bourbon of it’s age and provenance normally is? Ooh, a Limited Edition. Where do I pay?
  • I read about your bourbon on a lot of blogs where the bloggers are all taking photos of their full bottles. I bet you sent them those on the hopes that maybe they will be so flattered and distracted that they won’t mention the price you’re charging everyone else. Awesome! That’s just sound marketing. 

And speaking of sound marketing, I’d like to direct your attention to the design at the top of the post. 

Every bourbon has a story. And it seems that most of them are complete BS. So why not wear your knowledge of the BS they are slinging proudly on your chest? The BS Story’s Bourbon Shirt is available in both unisex and woman’s styles. There is the standard release for $29.70, but this wouldn’t be a shirt about bourbon if someone didn’t slap limited edition on some of them and jack up the price. So the 2015 Limited Edition B.S. Story’s Bourbon shirt is $69.70. 

Now you might ask: for $40, what’s the difference? Is the shirt any better? To that I’d say: this is about bourbon…let me tell you about my grandfather.*

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*The difference is that the Limited Edition one says “2015 Limited Edition” at the bottom and will not be offered after 2015. But keep a look out for the 2016 Release...

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