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Posted on by Eric Burke

Hey folks, 

As you probably know, I have pledged to keep free from ads or industry influence. This means that almost every review I post was a review of a bottle that I bought. Every event or tour I describe was a tour or event I paid to attend. Every book I review, I paid for. I'm happy to do this. It's a great hobby and I think that I'm able to add, in a positive way, to the general conversation that exists in the Whiskey Community.

But it does get expensive. And I was am a freelance designer. So I'm asking for help. Don't worry, the site and posts will always be free. But if you get any value from what you read, if I saved you any money on not buying an expensive dog of a whiskey or you found an inexpensive gem you didn't know about or you had fun or learned something, I'd like to ask you to please consider giving a little value back. 

Luckily there is a place where people can go to support independent content creators like me. Please go to to pledge your support. You can pledge any amount you want, but I'm asking for roughly 25 cents per article. That's $2 a month. If 2% of site visitors can do this, the site will be entirely self-sustaining and the pledge of being ad-free will be easy to keep. Plus all backers will get access to patron-only bonuses like monthly videos, exclusive content, and the occasional giveaway.

So please consider going to to pledge your support. I look forward to where this new adventure will take us and thank you in advance,

Eric Burke

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Another way to support, while also getting yourself something nice, is to visit where you can get hand-crafted bourbon-related items made by yours truly. I'm very proud of the stuff I make there and I hope you'll take a look. 

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